Dear valued customers,
First, We would like to show our compassion to anyone affected by Covid-19. As you are aware, Covid-19 is a very contagious virus. We at 1st Source are focused on the health and well being of our customers, employees, and communities impacted by this troubled times. We have remained fully functional and are committed to our customers during this time. We have placed rules and regulations in place to keep our customers and our employees safe. Employees will wear masks and gloves while on the job-site. We will continue to practice social distancing and good hygiene practices. Although we do not like not being able to shake your hand, please accept this as 1st Source caring for your well being.
Here is a list of some of our products and services that may help to slow the virus:
Virus and bacteria killing UV lights installed in HVAC systems and ice machines, installing high quality HVAC HEPA air filters to clean air, sanitation of ice machines with chemical cleans, touch free water faucets, touch free hand dryers, touch free door openers, adjusting the fresh air intake to ensure circulation of your facility, portable HEPA air cleaners.We also have a fully stocked warehouse of replacement parts for purchase.For any interest please contact us! Wishing everyone the best and can’t wait to hear from you! or 214-551-5338. 24/7 service available