Welcome to 1st Source Restaurant Services, Inc, your 1st-source service company for all of your commercial mechanical repair needs. 1st Source Restaurant Services, Inc. is committed to providing each and every customer with the best service available and ensuring complete customer satisfaction before, during, and after every service call.

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Our HVAC works is regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations Address: 920 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701 Phone:(512) 463-6599  Licence # TALCB 42209R.

1st Source Restaurant Services, Inc. provide Service, Installation, and Repair of restaurant equipment including air conditioning, cooking equipment, refrigeration systems, and stainless steel fabrication.

Your restaurant guests want a comfortable, odor-free place to relax and enjoy their meal, but the proximity of kitchens and dining areas often make good indoor air quality subtle and expensive. Workers in the restaurant also need comfortable temperatures and clean indoor air as well as their cooking equipment, refrigeration, and beverage systems performing at the highest to maximize productivity. Our company provides HVAC systems designed especially for restaurants can help you create the right indoor environment along with an operational kitchen, without breaking your budget.

Also as a commercial business owner, you should absolutely consider it a top priority to properly maintain your refrigeration equipment so that you can avoid expensive repair costs or having unexpected downtime. Also storing the food in a properly operating cooler or freezer is important because the cold temperature can help prevent molds and bacteria as well as providing a longer shelf life for the food. 1st Source Restaurant Services, Inc. has acquired the extensive knowledge to provide you with the best service for your refrigeration equipment.

The overall condition of your cooking equipment is critical to the quality of your food served to your customers. Proper maintenance and calibration is important to ensure your food is being processed based upon on the food’s individual cooking requirements. This is not only essential in providing the best tasting food, but also the safest food for your customers. We have developed the know-how to provide excellent service on many brands of cooking equipment to insure the best cooked food for your restaurant.

We also service Hotels, Schools, Golf Clubs, Nursing Homes, and more in Dallas, Fort Worth, North Dallas, Round Rock, Austin, and San Antonio in Texas!

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