Travis Fogle, Owner

Travis has received many years of experience in the air conditioning and restaurant service business working for com

panies in the Dallas area, for over 10 years now. Travis founded 1st Source Restaurant Services, Inc. with the intention to provide his customers with the highest quality of customer service. Travis continues to operate and manage his company closely to train his employees to offer his principles of honesty and hard work to our customers, at a competitive price.




1st Source Restaurant Service Technicians

When you call 1st Source Restaurant Services, Inc you can be assured to receive the highest quality of customer service from our team. Our technicians are Drug and Alcohol Free, Friendly, Courteous, Honest, Clean, Skilled, and Professional. Our team is trained to be respectful and professional in their customer service and skilled work, while they respect your space and clean their mess.

1st Source Restaurant Technicians



Our technicians are required to maintain their Texas ACR Technician Registration or Certification as required by the state of Texas. ACR stands for Air Conditioning Refrigeration. Any person who assists a licensed air conditioning and refrigeration contractor in performing air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance work must register as an ACR Technician. This includes repair work, required for the continued normal performance of an environmental air conditioning system, a process cooling or heating system, a commercial refrigeration system, or commercial refrigeration equipment. Maintenance work does not include total replacement of a system, nor does it include work to install and test equipment in new construction. Furthermore, 1st Source Restaurant Services, Inc. encourages all technicians to further their education by providing continuing education to acquire the knowledge to better serve your business.



Our technicians are EPA Certified. EPA stands for the Environmental Protection Agency. This Agency in the United States oversees the protection of the environment, including the handling and use of refrigerants. Being EPA Certified means our technicians must pass a series of tests involving questions on environmental issues such as the depletion of the ozone, clean air, and how to handle refrigerants that are commonly used in air conditioning systems, without damaging the environment. Air conditioners can be very harmful if not handled correctly. 1st Source Restaurant Services strives to provide outstanding technical and customer service, with a responsible and professional approach to business, while we strive to care for our atmosphere and uphold a high level of environmental responsibility. Rest assured we fully understand how to best handle refrigerants and air conditioning equipment, including how to purchase air conditioners, how to purchase and use refrigerants, how to properly conduct repairs and dispose of waste, all without harming the environment.


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